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Motor Drives, Motor Controllers

Axiomatic offers many advanced electronic control components to drive hydraulic valves used on mobile equipment and industrial fluid power automation systems worldwide. With nearly 25 years of experience, our well-tested hardware and user-friendly software supplies flexibility to simple or complex electronic and motion control systems. Our analog valve drivers, microprocessor-based solenoid controllers and CAN bus control modules present a wide choice of functions and precise, reliable control to the end user.

We work with leading hydraulic valve manufacturers to develop precise electro-hydraulic control solutions for components or control systems. Contact Axiomatic for an off-the-shelf component or an OEM solution that suits your requirements.


P/N: AX070502 – Electronic Assistant® KIT
The latest version of the Electronic Assistant® is available online. Go to Log In and enter your customer password.

P/N: AX070100 – Wire Harness Kit for P/N AX100100. Kit Includes: P/N AX070102 (CAN and I/O wire harness assembly, 2m), P/N AX070103 (Power and Motor Control wire harness assembly, 2m), P/N AX070101 (RS-232 wire harness)

P/N: AX070101 – Wire Harness for P/N AX100300. Includes: RS-232 wire harness assembly with a DB-9 connector, 2m

P/N: AX070105 – Mating Plug Kit for P/N AX100050. Kit Includes: DT06-12SA, W12S, 12 0462- 201-16141, 3 plugs

P/N: AX070400 – Connector Kit for P/N AX100200. Kit Includes: ITT Cannon connectors: CB6E16-11P, CB6E16- 10P, CB6E14S-5P, CB6E20-11P

  • Motor Drives with CAN (SAE J1939)




DC Motor Drives

P/N: AX100000

12/24VDC, 150A Output (200A overcurrent limit)

P/N: AX100100

12/24VDC, 25A Output

P/N: AX100270

Universal DC/BLDC Motor Controller, SAE J1939

P/N: AX100300

12A Brushed DC Motor Controller, SAE J1939

P/N: AX100600

5A Bidirectional, CAN bus, 1 Control Input

P/N: AX100650

6A DC Motor Controller, 2.5A Proportional Output, 2 Signal Outputs, SAE J1939, High Temperature Operation

P/N: AX102000

35A DC Motor Controller, SAE J1939

P/N: AX105000

150A DC Motor Controller, SAE J1939


Stepper Motor Drive

P/N: AX100700

Stepper Motor Drive


BLDC Motor Drives

P/N: AX100200

12/24VDC, 25A Output

P/N: AX100250

35A BLDC Motor Controller, SAE J1939

P/N: AX100260

BLDC Motor Controller, 100W, High Temperature Operation

P/N: AX100270

Universal DC/BLDC Motor Controller, SAE J1939

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