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Sensors, Inclinometers, Level Sensors

An inclinometer measures the angles of slope, elevation or inclination of an item with respect to gravity. For precise rotational angle measurement, a resolver element integrated with Axiomatic advanced electronics can measure rotational angle and speed.

Axiomatic’s accurate and durable sensors are used worldwide in very harsh environments.

In addition to off-the-shelf products, Axiomatic can provide an OEM solution to meet your design project requirements.


SAE J1939 CAN bus

P/N: AX070502 – Electronic Assistant® KIT
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CiA CANopen®

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  • SAE J1939
  • CANopen®





P/N: AX060201 - superseded by AX060830


P/N: AX060202 - superseded by AX061000

CAN SAE J1939, 3 Analog Outputs

P/N: AX060203

CAN SAE J1939, 1 RS-232

P/N: AX060400 - superseded by AX060810

SAE J1939, 1 DT15-4P Connector

P/N: AX060401 - superseded by AX060811

SAE J1939, 1 DT15-4P Connector, Internal CAN termination

P/N: AX060700

SAE J1939, Triaxial Inclinometer with Gyroscope

P/N: AX060800

SAE J1939, Triaxial Inclinometer, 2 M12 Connectors

P/N: AX060810, AX060811

SAE J1939, Triaxial Inclinometer, DT15-4P Connector

P/N: AX060830

SAE J1939, Triaxial Inclinometer

P/N: AX060900, AX062008

SAE J1939, Triaxial Inclinometer, Triaxial Gyro Sensor

P/N: AX060910, AX062018

SAE J1939, Triaxial Inclinometer, Triaxial Gyro Sensor

P/N: AX061000

SAE J1939, Triaxial Inclinometer, Signal Outputs






P/N: AX060001

2 Axis, ± 85º, CANopen®, 1 PG11 Strain Relief

P/N: AX060003

2 Axis, ± 85º, CANopen®, 2 M12 Connectors

P/N: AX060250 - superseded by AX060835


P/N: AX060251

CANopen®, 3 Analog Outputs

P/N: AX060252

CANopen®, 1 RS-232

P/N: AX060450 - superseded by AX060840

CANopen®, 1 DT15-4P Connector

P/N: AX060451 - superseded by AX060841

CANopen®, 1 DT15-4P Connector, Internal CAN Termination

P/N: AX060835

CANopen® Triaxial Inclinometer, 2 M12 Connectors

P/N: AX060840, AX060841

CANopen®, Triaxial Inclinometer, 1 DT15-4P Connector


Resolver Modules

P/N: AXRES-CO Series

Measures angular displacement and speed over 360°, CANopen®


Tilt Sensor

P/N: AX060150

Out-of-level indicator and shut down control, measures 360° or XY axes, CANopen®

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