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Return Materials Policy

All products to be returned to Axiomatic require a Return Materials Authorization Number (RMA#). Contact Axiomatic Technologies Corporation at 1 905-602-9270 x224 to obtain the Return Materials Authorization Number prior to shipment to our service department. Please provide a part number and serial number at that time. Goods should be returned in their original anti-static packaging. Our warranty is INCO Terms DDP (Delivered Duty Paid). Commercial invoice for customs (and packing slip) should state the Axiomatic RMA#, harmonized international HS (tariff code) 9813.00, valuation identical goods and returned goods for warranty evaluation, goods made in Canada.

Please provide documentation with the returning Axiomatic products to indicate the following.

  • Serial number, part number
  • Hours of operation
  • Description of problem
  • Wiring set up diagram
  • Application
  • Any debit memos or purchase orders associated with the return
  • Other comments as needed

Please ship Return Materials to:

Axiomatic Technologies Corporation

5915 Wallace Street,
Mississauga, Ontario

+1 905-602-9270 x224

+1 905-602-9279

For Axiomatic Oy, please contact:

Axiomatic Technologies Oy

Höytämöntie 6
33880 Lempäälä

+358 3 3595 600

+358 3 3595 660

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