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Battery Chargers

Axiomatic battery chargers provide rugged, reliable solutions for a variety of vehicle and automation applications. From multi-stage and efficient charging, distributed I/O functionality, CAN system integration, managed heat dissipation and inherent power factor correction, Axiomatic advanced electronics optimize efficient and safe operation. Our controls are field-proven and use robust circuits and rugged packaging for use in harsh environments.

Axiomatic can provide an OEM solution to meet your design project requirements.

  • Battery Chargers
Battery Chargers


12VDC, 25A Battery Charger, CAN bus, I/O


24VDC, 15A Battery Charger, CAN bus, I/O


Bidirectional 48Vdc/24Vdc/14Vdc Charger/Converter


24Vdc/14Vdc, 2A Charger/Converter


48Vdc/14Vdc, 2A Charger/Converter

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