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AX090550: 12V-or-24V-BATTERY-CHARGER

The 12V or 24V Battery Charger charges a 12V lead-acid battery as well as other battery chemistries. It is designed for mounting in a vehicle or in a stationary engine and managed heat dissipation so no fan cooling is required. It accepts 120VAC/220VAC line power. The charger monitors a remote battery temperature sensor for safe operation and prevention of battery overheating. It transmits charger condition, line connection status, battery voltage, and charge current over CAN bus. Electronic Assistant configures the charger to suit the application. Another model based on the charger design acts as a power supply.


  • Off-highway Vehicles, Lift Equipment, Electric Vehicles, Fleet and Utility Vehicles, Emergency
  • Power Gensets, Oil and Gas Equipment, Electric Utility Substation Switchgear
Technical Specifications:12V or 24V BATTERY CHARGER
AC/DC Power Supply Mode
CAN bus (SAE J1939)
High Efficiency
with Electronic Assistant
Order Code:Battery Charger, 12V, 25A model: AX090550
Battery Charger, 12V/24V, 15A model: AX090560
DC Power Supply, 12V/25A model: AX090550-04
DC Power Supply, 12V/15A model: AX090560-04
DC Power Supply, 24V/15A model: AX090560-05
Power:120 VAC, 208VAC or 240VAC nominal
95 to 260 VAC, 45/65 Hz power supply range
(60 Hz units and 50/60 Hz units)
Power factor correction >0.99 @ 120VAC; >0.98 @ 240VAC
Two internal fuses L and N, 8A, 250VAC
Battery Charger Mode:Model AX090550:
Voltage: 10 – 15 VDC depending on the charging mode and user configuration.
Current: 0.5 – 25 ADC depending on the charging mode and user configuration.
Model AX090560:
Voltage: 10 – 30 VDC depending on the charging mode and user configuration.
Current: 0.5 – 15 ADC depending on the charging mode and user configuration.
Power Supply Mode:User Configurable
Output 5V-24Vdc
up to 15A
Control logic:Standard embedded software
Battery charger setpoints can be viewed and configured through the CAN bus
using the Axiomatic Electronic Assistant (EA)
Communications:1 CAN port (ISO 11898 compatible)
Termination resistor is not installed.
SAE J1939 stack; Baud Rate: 250 bit/sec
Electrical Connections: 1 4-pin Molex 194280006 (Mates with Molex 194180004 Receptacle)
Enclosure:ACD12 Die Cast Aluminum Enclosure and Lid, Hard Anodized to MIL-A-8625
Type II Class I Clear Hard Anodize
Molded EPDM Gasket
Molex Connectors (See electrical connections.)
11.83 x 8.74 x 3.88 inches (300 x 222 x 98 mm)
L x W x H excluding power cable assembly
Protection Rating:IP67
Operating Conditions:-40 to 70°C (-40 to 158°F) for input >170VAC
-40 to 60°C (-40 to 140°F) for input 90 to 170 VAC
PDF Datasheet: Click icon for PDF datasheet.

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