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AX030550: CAN to SINE Output Controller

This controller has 2 isolated CAN (SAE J1939) ports. The signal output is configurable as SINE or Square wave (0-5V). It also provides a PWM output signal. The control has a rugged IP67 enclosure and connector. To configure the device, use the Electronic Assistant.


  • Construction equipment trucks, interface between ECM and turbocharger
Technical Specifications:CAN to SINE/Square Wave Output and PWM Output Controller
2 SAE J1939
Order Code:P/N: AX030550 (SAE J1939 250 Kbps)

P/N: AX070105 (Mating plug kit)
P/N: AX070502 (Electronic assistant configuration)
Power:12 or 24Vdc nominal
SINE or Square Wave Output:1 Signal output configurable as:
SINE wave
Square wave
Frequency is user selectable from 10 Hz to 20 kHz
Minimum load 10 kΩ
Amplitude: 5V peak-to-peak
PWM Output:1 PWM Output from 0 to 36Vps
1 Hz to 1 kHz Frequency
Current limited to 200 mA
Reference Voltage1 +5V +/- 0.5%, 100 mA maximum
Communications:SAE J1939
Electrical Connections:12 pin TE IPD connector P/N: DT15-12PA
Enclosure:Aluminum enclosure, Integral TE Deutsch connector, Encapsulation
4.750 x 2.150 x 1.802 inches
120.66 x 54.61 x 45.77 mm (L X W X H)
Protection Rating:IP67
Operating Conditions:-40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F)
User Interface:Electronic Assistant AX070502
PDF Datasheet: Click icon for PDF datasheet .

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