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The 12 Channel Strain Gauge CAN controller accepts up to twelve 4-wire strain gauge connections. The input range is user selectable from +/- 2.5 mV to +/- 2.5 Vdc. The measurement rate is 1000 scans per second for all 12 channels. It interfaces with the machine’s CAN network (SAE J1939). Two CAN ports are provided. The measurement rate and the update rate are high speed for all channels. Standard embedded software is provided. Rugged IP66 rated packaging and a power supply input of 12V, 24V or 48Vdc nominal suits applications in the harsh environment of mobile equipment with on-board battery power. All setpoints are user configurable using the Electronic Assistant.


  • agricultural equipment automation
Technical Specifications: 12 CHANNEL STRAIN GAUGE CONTROLLER, SAE J1939
Order Code:P/N: AX200102 (SAE J1939 Controller, 250 kbps baud rate)
P/N: AX200102-01 (SAE J1939 Controller, 500 kbps baud rate)
P/N: AX200102-02 (SAE J1939 Controller, 1 Mbps baud rate)
Power:12V, 24V or 48Vdc nominal (7…61 Vdc power supply range)
Suitable for engine cranking and load dump
Strain Gauge Inputs:12 channels for inputs from 4-wire full bridge strain
 Input range is selectable from +/- 2.5mV to +/- 2.5VDC.
 The measurement rate is 1000 scans per second for all 12 channels.
Inputs:1 digital input (push button)

12 +5V or +10V excitation connections
Control logic:Standard embedded software is provided and is configurable using the Electronic
Assistant (EA). Refer to the User Manual.
Communications:2 CAN ports (SAE J1939)
Model AX200102: 250 kbps Baud Rate
Model AX200102-01: 500 kbps Baud Rate
Model AX200102-02: 1 Mbps Baud Rate
Electrical Connections: 6 CONEC M12 8-pin connectors (A-coded), P/N: 43-01332 (Ports 1-6)
1 CONEC M12 8-pin connector (A-coded) P/N: 43-01014 (Port 7)
Enclosure:Cast aluminum, hard anodized
7.250 x 3.750 X 2.216 in
184.15 x 95.25 x 56.30 mm (L X W X H)
Protection Rating:IP66
Operating Conditions:-40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F)
PDF Datasheet: Click icon for PDF datasheet.

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