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Fan Drive Controls

The Fan Controller is designed for the electronic control of hydrostatic fan drive systems. Variable control of the rotational speed of a fan-drive motor provides maximum efficiency and noise control for operation of the engine cooling fan system.

Applications include: motor vehicles (trucks and buses), agricultural equipment, construction equipment, and stationary power plants. Accepting multiple temperature sensor and digital inputs, the controller interfaces to a proportional relief valve. A standard controller is available for some applications.

In addition to off-the-shelf products, Axiomatic can provide an OEM solution to meet your design project requirements.


SAE J1939 CAN bus

P/N: AX070502 – Electronic Assistant KIT
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  • Hydraulic Fan Drive Controls
Hydraulic Fan Drive Controls




P/N: AX021800

4 Inputs, 2 Output, 0-3A Output Rating

P/N: AX022200

CAN, 1 Output

P/N: AX023220

2 Signal Inputs, 2 Outputs Valve Controller, SAE J1939, 125 degrees C Operation

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