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AX0201X0: Economy Analog Valve Controller

The controller simplifies control of proportional solenoids by supplying a current proportional to an input control (0-5 VDC or 10K potentiometer or 4-20 mA). It accepts power supply voltages from 9 to 32 VDC. This linear solenoid driver utilizes high frequency switching output (PWM) to provide a DC current output. The maximum current output is 2 A for AX020100 and 300 mA for AX020140. A current sensing circuit maintains output current regardless of changes in input voltage and coil resistance. The user can adjust maximum and minimum current to suit the application. Dither frequency and amplitude are factory set. In this economy version of the connector controller there are no ramps. The unit is installed on a DIN rail.


  • Accurate control of hydraulic and pneumatic proportional solenoid valves used in mobile construction equipment and industrial processes
Technical Specifications:Economy Analog Valve Controller, DIN rail mount
Order Code:P/N: AX020100 (DIN rail mount, 1 Analog Input, 1 2 A Output)
P/N: AX020140 (DIN rail mount, 1 Analog Input, 1 300 A Output)
Power Supply Input:9 to 32 Vdc nominal
Protections:Reverse Polarity Protection
Short Circuit Protection
Conformal Coated Assembly
Control Input Signal Options:Model AX020100, AX0201X0: 0-5 VDC voltage signal, 10K Potentiometer (accepts 5K to 50K pots), or 4-20 mA
Range of Output Current:Model AX020100: 0 to 2A
Model AX020140: 0 to 300 mA
Electrical Connections:2 4-pin Terminal Blocks
Enclosure:PA66 Nylon, Phoenix Contact P/N: UMK-SE 11,
25-1-2970442 (housing) and UMK-FE VE 500-
29063654 (DIN rail foot)
Mounts on DIN rail NS 32 or NS 35/7.5

Please refer to the datasheet for dimensions.
Protection Rating:IP20
Operating Conditions:-40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F)
PDF Datasheet: Click icon for PDF datasheet.

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