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AX020900: Single Valve Controller-DIN 43650A-M12

The Valve Controller simplifies control of proportional solenoids by supplying a current proportional to an input control (current, voltage, PWM, frequency or digital signal). It accepts power supply voltages from 8 to 36 VDC. This linear solenoid driver utilizes high frequency switching output (PWM) to provide a DC current output. Maximum current output is up to 2.5 A. A current sensing circuit maintains output current regardless of changes in input voltage and coil resistance. The user can adjust maximum and minimum current. The setpoints are configurable using the smartphone application. Additionally, the controller includes a configurable dual LED which is visible from outside the housing. It has rugged packaging and performance for IP67, high vibration and off-highway machine environments. An M12 connection is provided.


Accurate control of hydraulic and pneumatic proportional solenoid valves used in mobile construction equipment and industrial processes

Technical Specifications:Single Valve Controller, DIN 43650A, M12
with Bluetooth

Order Codes:P/N: AX020900 (Valve Controller with Bluetooth)
P/N: AX070139 (M12 Mating Plug with 2 m cable, unterminated)
Operating voltage (power supply requirement):12Vdc or 24Vdc nominal (8…36 VDC power supply range)
Control input signal options:One universal input selectable as: Voltage; Current; PWM; or Digital
see pdf datasheet for more detail
Input resistance:>100 kOhms when not in current sense mode; 124 Ohms in current sense
Range of maximum output current:up to 2.5 A
Solenoid resistance selection (nominal):Nominal resistance of solenoid coil should comply with:
Rcoil < (Vpower supply - 1.5 V)/I-max.
Internal supply for setpoint potentiometer:+5V reference to power a potentiometer
Electrical connection:One M12 5-position, A-coded Connector, Binder P/n: 09 0437 87 05
Protection class:IP67 when correctly installed with lid, o-ring/washer and base gasket
Operating conditions:-30 to +85°C (-22 to 185°F)
Dimensions:Hirschmann GDME 2011 black housing (PA material, 94 V1), central screw M3 x 40, transparent
cover, washer and o-ring, nitrile rubber gasket
see pdf datasheet for dimensional drawing
PDF Datasheet: Click icon for PDF datasheet.

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