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CAPV-H-10V-x: Connector Amplifier For Proportional Valves

The 0-10V Connector Amplifier simplifies control of proportional solenoids by supplying a current proportional to an input control (0-10V or 0-20mA). It accepts power supply voltages from 9 to 32VDC. This linear solenoid driver utilizes high frequency switching output (PWM) to provide a DC current output. The options for maximum current output include 2A, 1.2A, or 600mA. A current sensing circuit maintains output current regardless of changes in input voltage and coil resistance. The user can adjust maximum and minimum current. Ramp time, dither frequency and amplitude can also be adjusted to match the application. The unit is available with a DIN 43650 connection to mount directly on the coil. Other versions are available with 4-20mA or 0-5V (including 0-20mA and 10K potentiometer) inputs. A remote mount version is housed in a rugged metal box.


  • Simple control with 0-10VDC or 0-20mA signal inputs
  • Broad range of supply voltages (9 to 32 VDC) with no degradation in
  • Current sensing circuit maintains output current regardless of changes in input voltage and coil resistance
  • Modern technology utilizing high frequency switching output (PWM)
  • Energy efficient design (no heat sink is required)
  • Options for maximum current output include 2A, 1.2A or 600mA
  • Mates to a DIN 43650 plug on a cartridge or block style solenoid valve
  • Electronic limiting circuit means no internal fuses
  • Reverse polarity protection
Technical Specifications:Connector Amplifier For Proportional Valves
Order Codes:P/N: CAPV-H-10V-2A-6C-2M (2 Amp max. output)
P/N: CAPV-H-10V-1.2A-6C-2M (1.2 A max. output)
P/N: CAPV-H-10V-600MA-6C-2M (600mA max. output)
Operating voltage (power supply requirement):9 to 28 VDC nominal power supply range
Control input signal options:0-10 VDC voltage signal or
0-20mA current signal
(4-20mA or 0-5VDC/0-20mA/10K potentiometer control input versions are also available.)
Input resistance:125K Ohms
Range of maximum output current:2A, 1.2A, or 600mA version available
Solenoid resistance selection (nominal):Rcoil < (Vpower supply - 1.5 V)/Imax
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC):Emission EN 50081-2
Immunity EN 50082-2
Electrical connection:DIN 43650-A plug
2 meters jacketed cable, 6 conductor 18AWG
(A version for remote mounting is also available.)
Protection class:IP65 when correctly installed with lid, compression
washer, o-ring and base gasket
Operating conditions:-40 to +85°C (-40 to 185°F)
Dimensions:See datasheet for dimensions
PDF Datasheet: Click icon for PDF datasheet - all models with 6 Conductor Cable

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