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DCAPV-H-1-2A: Hydraulic Digital Controller

The digital controller supplies one or two proportional solenoid coils with current proportional to an input control. All calibration settings are managed by a microprocessor for accurate control of hydraulic and pneumatic proportional solenoid valves used in mobile construction equipment and industrial processes. An external handheld programming device calibrates the controller and remembers parameter settings for multiple drivers.


  • Off-highway Equipment
  • Industrial Hydraulics
Technical Specifications:Hydraulic Digital Controller
Single or Dual Proportional Outputs with Handheld Programmer
Order Codes:P/N: DCAPV-H-1-2A (Single Output, max. 2A)
P/N: DCAPV-H-2-2A-2 (0-5-4.5V Input, Dual Output, max. 2A)
P/N: DCAPV-PRG (programmer)
Analog command inputs:0.5-4.5V or 0-5 V/ Potentiometer/ 0-10 V/ +/-5V/ +/-10V 4-20 mA
Proportional outputs:Single or dual output models
Fully configurable output (0-2A)
Reference voltage:+5V, 20 mA
Control Logic:Standard software supplied
(Contact manufacturer with OEM specification.)
Programming Device:External handheld programming device
Parameter set up via a single wire
Simple and accurate troubleshooting
Packaging:DIN 43650 plug
2 meters unterminated, shielded, jacketed cable
(2 power conductors 18 AWG, 4 conductors 24 AWG)
Protection Rating:IP65
Operating conditions:-40 to +85°C (-40 to 185°F)
PDF Datasheet: Click icon for PDF datasheet.

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