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The 35A DC Motor Controller features Unidirectional or bi-directional BLDC motor control with hall effect sensor feedback. A user configurable enable function can be mapped to any of the 2 digital inputs or a CAN message. 1 current output (2.5A proportional or hotshot digital) is available to drive accessories such as hydraulic valves or relays for machine control or safety interlock. Use the Electronic Assistant for setpoint configuration. The drive is IP67 rated.


Motor variable speed, position and/or flow control in Lift Equipment, Electric Vehicles for Material Handling, Trucks, Cranes and Hoists, Hydraulic Tail Lifts and Winches, Golf Carts, Military Equipment, Mobile Pumps and Hydraulic Power packs.

Technical Specifications:Variable Speed Control, Onboard I/O
CAN SAE J1939, Rugged Packaging
with Electronic Assistant
Order Code:P/N: AX100250
(BLDC Motor Controller, SAE J1939)
P/N: AX100251 (BLDC Motor Controller, CANopen®)
Inputs:2 Universal signal inputs are user configurable
from the following: 0-5V; 0-10V; 0-20 mA; 4-20
mA; frequency; PWM; or digital

2 Digital/Frequency/PWM inputs
Motor Drive Output:Unidirectional or bi-directional BLDC motor

Up to 35A continuous output
Back EMF:Hall Effect Sensor Feedback
Outputs:1 current output (2.5A proportional or hotshot digital)

1 output is provided to follow the rotation speed of the motor (V, mA, Hz or PWM signal)
Power:12 or 24Vdc nominal (9…36 Vdc)
Communications:1 CAN port (SAE J1939)
Enclosure:Encapsulated in an anodized aluminum extrusion with gasket
5.83 x 8.93 x 2.49 inches 148.00 x 226.84 x 63.25 mm
(W x L x H including connectors, excluding mating connectors)
Protection Rating:IP67
Operating Conditions:-40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F)
User Interface:P/N: AX070502 (Configuration Tool for SAE J1939 model: Electronic Assistant)

EDS file for CANopen model
PDF Datasheet: Click icon for PDF datasheet.

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