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AX0807XX: AC/DC Power Supply

This AC/DC power supply provides clean 24VDC or 12VDC (360W) power suitable for instrumentation and control networks on vehicles. Its IP67 rating, use of a corrosion resistant enclosure, and protection against vibration allows for its use in the most harsh and demanding conditions.  It has wide ranging operation from 95 to 260 VAC, 45/65 Hz, with both models having high efficiency ratings.


  • Off-highway Vehicles
  • Lift Equipment
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Fleet and Utility Vehicles
  • Emergency Vehicles
  • Mining Equipment
Technical Specifications:VAC/DC 24V 15A Power Supply
VAC/DC 12V 15A Power Supply
Order Code:P/N: AX080710 (VAC/24VDC, 15A Power Supply)
P/N: AX080712 (VAC/24VDC, 15 A Power Supply with Enable)

P/N: AX080720 (VAC/12VDC, 30A Power Supply)
P/N: AX080722 (VAC/12VDC, 30A Power Supply with Enable)

KIT P/N: AX080710K (AX080710 Converter with AX070165 Wire Harness)
KIT P/N: AX080712K (AX080712 Converter with AX070166 Wire Harness)
KIT P/N: AX080720K (AX080720 Converter with AX070165 Wire Harness)
KIT P/N: AX080722K (AX080722 Converter with AX070166 Wire Harness)

P/N: AX070165 (Mating Wire Harness, 2m)
P/N: AX070166 (Mating Wire Harness with Enable, 2m, only for AX087012 and AX080722 with the Enable)
Input:Wide ranging input from 95 to 260 VAC, 45/65 Hz
Enable:Models AX080710, AX080720: no Enable
Models AX080712, AX080722: with Enable
Output Current:Models AX080710, AX080712: 24VDC
Models AX080720, AX080722: 12VDC
Output Current:Models AX080710, AX080712: 15A
Models AX080720, AX080722: 30A
Protection:Surge protection
Under-voltage protection
Over-voltage protection
Protection Rating:IP67
Enclosure:ACD12 Die Cast Aluminum Enclosure and Lid, Hard Anodized to MIL-A-8625
Type II Class I Clear Hard Anodize
Molded EPDM Gasket
8.14 x 11.10 x 2.75 inches (206.00 x 282.00 x 70.00 mm)
L x W x H including integral connectors
Electrical Connections:Input Power Cable:
Heyco 3213 sealed cable gland
Integral 3 ft. (0.91 m) unterminated power cable
The power plug is not supplied
Black Wire: Live
White Wire: Neutral
Green Wire: Ground

Output Connector:
Deutsch P/N: DT13-08P

PIN# Function
4 ENABLE+ (not used for Model AX080710, AX080720)
5 ENABLE- (not used for Model AX080710, AX080720)
Operating Conditions:-40 to 70°C (-40 to 158°F)
PDF Datasheet: Click icon for PDF datasheet.

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