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AX080151: 24V-120V DC Converter

The converter powers devices at 120VDC up to 2 Amps (230 Watts). It accepts 24V DC nominal power input. The unit is enclosed in a DIN rail mount housing for installation in a control panel. It has a cURus recognition and a CE mark.


  • Wind tower staircase LED lighting step-up power converter
Technical Specifications:24Vdc-120Vdc or 140Vdc Converter
Order Code:P/N: AX080151 (24V/120V)
P/N: AX080160 (24V/140V)
Output:Model AX080151: 120Vdc
Model AX080160: 140Vdc
Output Current:Model AX080151: 2A (230W)
Model AX080160: 1.65A (230W)
Isolation:500 Vdc
Protection Rating:IP20
CB marking
Enclosure:DIN rail, T35

Aluminum enclosure
4.53 x 7.26 x 2.54 inches
115.0 x 184.5 x 64.5 mm

(W x L x H including DIN rail)
Electrical Connections:Model AX080151: Mating plugs are included.
2-pin male header Weidmüller P/N: 1149380000
2-pole female plug Weidmüller P/N: 1013070000

Model AX080160:
25.340.3553.0, WIELAND 5-PIN PLUG 5.08MM, WIELAND
25.340.3453.0, WIELAND 4-PIN PLUG 5.08MM
or equivalent
Operating Conditions:-40 to 70°C (-40 to 158°F)
PDF Datasheet: Click icon for PDF datasheet for AX080151.
Click icon for PDF datasheet for AX080160.

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