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AX141530: Automotive Ethernet to CAN Converter

The Axiomatic Automotive Ethernet to CAN Converter provides a purely physical, bi-directional conversion between Automotive Ethernet (100BASE-T1) and CAN 2.0B via PHY transceivers. No packets are stored or modified in this device. The Automotive Ethernet fieldbus supports bit rates of 100 Mbps and the CAN bus supports baud rates up to 1 Mbps. Status LEDs provide information on connection link, and communication. The converter is designed for the harsh environments of off-highway or industrial equipment. Automotive Ethernet networks use a 2 wire, unshielded, twisted pair UTP cable and save cabling costs for the machine builder. A 0.7A output is available to power another device downstream on the system. The unit may be configured via the web server as Master or Slave functionality. Its default setting is in the slave mode. The Master mode works if the connected device has a transceiver set to slave mode. The Slave mode works when the connected device has a transceiver set to master mode. Hard setting the master/slave relationship saves on setup-time costs and ensures that the Automotive Ethernet link is established quickly. As a comparison, regular Ethernet converters rely on auto-negotiation to determine master and slave. The converter is configured via a web server interface using the AE to Ethernet Converter or a similar device to access Ethernet which links to the web server as shown below.


  • Off-highway equipment
  • Mining equipment
  • Industrial Trucks
Technical Specifications:Gigabit Automotive Ethernet/Ethernet Converter
Order Part Number:P/N: AX141520 (Gigabit Automotive Ethernet/Ethernet Converter)

P/N: AX070535 (Ethernet Cable 2 m (6.5 ft.), 8-pin M12 A-coded, Ethernet Jack)
P/N: AX070533 (Cable 1.5 m (5 ft.), 12-pin M12 A-coded, Unterminated Leads)

KIT P/N: AX141520K (Gigabit Automotive Ethernet/Ethernet Converter with AX070535 and AX070533 Cables)
Automotive Ethernet Port:1 port
1000BASE-T1 (IEEE 802.3 ab compliant)
Automatic Polarity Correction
Default configuration: Slave (Master mode is configurable via web interface)
Ethernet Port:
1 port
1000BASE-T (IEEE 802.3 bp compliant)
Automatic Polarity Correction
Operating voltage:12V, 24Vdc nominal (9…36VDC power supply range)
Protection:Surge protection is provided.
Reverse polarity protection up to -50V is provided.
Input overvoltage (45V) and input undervoltage (6V) protection are provided.
The unit is designed for 12Vdc based load dump
Operating conditions:-40 to 60°C (-40 to 140°F)
Enclosure and Dimensions:Molded Enclosure, integral connector
Nylon 6/6, 30% glass, ultrasonically welded
4.19 x 1.81 x 1.31 inches (106 x 46 x 33 mm)
L x W x H including integral connector
Protection Rating: IP67
Electrical connections:1 Phoenix Contact M12 12-pin connector (A-coded), Female (P/N: 1441833)
1 Phoenix Contact M12 8-pin connector (A-coded), Female, (P/N: 1406117)
PDF Datasheet: Click icon for PDF datasheet.

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