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AX141600: CAN Isolator/Router

The CAN Isolator/Router features a fast and bi-directional data exchange between 6 isolated CAN ports (CAN 2.0B). It can be configured as a switch to broadcast messages on all ports, and it is user configurable over the Web.


  • Communications interface between multiple CAN buses on electric vehicles used in mining and other vehicle applications
Technical Specifications:CAN Isolator/Router
Order Codes:P/N: AX141600 (CAN Isolator/Router)
Ports:5 CAN Ports: Five (5) CAN In ports with power supply and resettable fuse
The fuse trips at 1A. Fuse status is reported over the CAN network.
Fuse remains tripped until short is removed.
Each port includes 120 Ohm termination. It can be configured over CAN

1 CAN Port: One (1) CAN port with module activation sensing
One digital input shuts down power to the router and power to all CAN input ports.
Amplitude up to +Vps
Isolation: 3-way isolation
Isolation is between power supply, microcontroller, and each CAN port.
300 Vrms
Operating voltage:12 V or 24 Vdc nominal; 9...36 Vdc
Enclosure and Dimensions:PC Infino SC-1220UR
UL 94-V2 rated
7.67 x 2.677 x 1.52 inches
194.8 x 68.00 x 38.7 mm (L X W X H)
Electrical connections:Power Ethernet:
1 CONEC 43-01167 M12 4-pin connector (A-coded), Male
1 CONEC 43-01332 M12 8-pin connector (A-coded), Female

1 CONEC 43-01165 M12 5-pin connector (A-coded), Female
Output CAN Port (1)
1 CONEC 43-01169 M12 5-pin connector (A-coded), Male
Protection Rating:IP67; Unit is encapsulated within the housing
Operating conditions:-40 to +70°C (40 to 158°F)
Compliance:CE marking
EMC Compliance: Emissions: CISPR 32
Immunity: CISPR 35
User Interface:Web Server

Parameters are configurable using the Electronic Assistant, AX070502
The functionality of the Electronic Assistant includes but is not limited to the
 Specify CAN message filters and CAN message IDs to be received
 Define CAN node ID, and baud rate
 Define Ethernet parameters such as IP address and netmask.
PDF Datasheet: Click icon for PDF datasheet TDAX141600.

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