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IFC-W1R-TTL-RS232-01-000: Line Interface (TTL to RS-232)

The IFC-W1R-TTL-RS232-01 is an interface which converts communication signals between the TTL and RS-232 signal levels. This interface is ideal for providing RS-232 communication capabilities for micro controller circuits which currently do not have RS-232 level interface. The TTL to RS-232 Interface derives its power from the micro controller board. Connections include: Transmit Data (TXD); Receive Data (RXD); Request to Send (RTS); and Clear to Send (CTS).


  • Construction Equipment, Mobile Equipment, Material Transport Vehicles, On-road Vehicles (Bus)
Technical Specifications:Line Interface (TTL to RS-232)
Order Codes:P/N: IFC-W1R-TTL-RS232-01-000 (rail mount, no cable)

Other variations are available without packaging, a choice of cable termination and varying cable lengths.
Output Swing

+/- 8 V typical

+/-22 mA
Input Voltage Range+/-30 V maximum
Output Short Circuit Current+/-22 mA
Input Logic Low
0.8 V
Input Logic High
2.0 V min.
Output Logic Low
0.4 V max.
Output Logic High
3.5 V min.
Output Short Circuit Current10 mA Sourcing V out = GND
15 mA Sinking V out = VCC
Power Supply
Operating Supply Voltage Resistance4.5 V min., 5.5 V max.
VCC Supply Current4 mA typical no load, 10 mA max. no load
15 mA typical 30 kOhm load on both Outputs
2 - +5 V
3 - TXD To RS-232
4 - RTS To RS-232
5 - RXD From RS-232
6 - CTS From RS-232
7 - +5 V
8 - GND
RS-232:2 - TX From TTL
3 - RX To TTL
4 - Connected to Pin 6
5 - GND
6 - Connected to Pin 4
7 - CTS to TTL
8 - RTS From TTL
Connectors:TTL: 8-Pin Molex with 3 Feet Wires, Pre-Tinned on Ends RS-232: DB-9 Female
Packaging:Rail Mount
Dimensions:80 x 30.8 x 40 mm (L x W x H including rail mount)
PDF Datasheet: Click icon for PDF datasheet.

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