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SAE J1939 Controls

Axiomatic SAE J1939 Controls are cost-effective solutions for extending engine control networks in upgrade and retrofit applications.

Axiomatic products support one to one conversions of PWM Signals, Magnetic Pick Up Sensors, Analog Signals, Digital Signals, Frequency or other inputs to CAN (SAE J1939 or CANopen). Bidirectional outputs up to +/- 400 mA or signal outputs are available. Protocol Converters act as gateways between different CAN protocols and Modbus. Custom designs are available on request.

Protocol Converter, 2 CAN, 1 RS485

P/N: AX140100 or AX140200 or AX140300

• Acts as a gateway or interface between CAN buses with different baud rates and protocols (Model AX140100 is SAE J1939-SAE J1939 and Modbus RTU) OR (Model AX140200 is CANopen® – SAE J1939 and Modbus RTU)

Bidirectional Output Controller

P/N: AX024000

• 1 CAN port (SAE J1939)
• Two analog signal inputs are selectable as: 0-5V; 0-10V; +/-5V; +/-10V; 4-20 mA; or 0-20 mA.
• Two analog/digital inputs are selectable as: 0-5V; 0-10V; PWM; Frequency; Digital; or (0)4-20 mA.
• Two signal outputs are provided for feedback to a PLC or other similar device.
• Two bidirectional outputs operate from -400mA to +400mA.
• Operational with 12V or 24V nominal
• Rugged packaging for vehicle applications (AX024000), DIN rail mount (AX024010)
• TE Deutsch connectors

Dual Channel Universal Signal Converter (Isolated SAE J1939)

P/N: AX130510

Magnetic Pick-Up Sensor to CAN Converter (SAE J1939)

P/N: AX031500

• 1 CAN port (SAE J1939)
• 1 Magnetic Pick Up Sensor Input
• Operational with 12Vdc or 24Vdc nominal
• Rugged packaging and vibration compliance for vehicle applications
• TE Deutsch connector

PWM/V/I Signal to CAN Converter (SAE J1939)

P/N: AX031700

CAN/PWM Converter (SAE J1939)

P/N: AX130700

CAN to 4 Analog Signal Outputs Controller

P/N: AX030500

• 1 CAN port (SAE J1939 or CANopen)
• 250 kbps, 500 kbps or 1 Mbps baud rates (ordering part numbers differ)
• 4 Analog Signal Outputs with user selectable output range from +/-10V or +/-20 mA, including: 0-5V; 0-10V; +/-5V; +/-10V; 0-20mA; 4-20 mA; and +/-20mA.
• 12V or 24V nominal
• Integrated Deutsch IPD 12-pin connector
• Fully sealed enclosure with a rugged protection rating

Discrete I/O Modules with 8 Relay Outputs (SAE J1939)

P/N: AX031800, AX031850

Controllers with 1 or 2 Relay Outputs (SAE J1939)

P/N: AX031901, AX031950

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