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AX060910: Triaxial-Gyroscope-Inclinometers

The unit measures pitch and roll inclination angles in a full ±180 degree orientation range. The angles can be compensated by a 3D or 1D gyroscope to minimize the influence of dynamic linear accelerations caused by vibrations and machine operational movements. The unit can also output gravity angle; pitch, roll and yaw angular rates (the 1DG version – only roll angular rate) and unit accelerations in three orthogonal directions. The inclinometer transmits angular data over CAN bus using a standard J1939 protocol. The unit original configuration can be changed using Axiomatic Electronic Assistant PC-based configuration tool.


  • Agricultural, off-highway and mining equipment
  • Platform levelling and stabilization in industrial machines
  • Robotics position sensing
  • Navigation system component
Technical Specifications:Triaxial Gyroscope Inclinometer
Order Code:P/N: AX060910 (Triaxial Inclinometer, 3 Gyroscopes, SAE J1939)
P/N: AX062018 (Triaxial Inclinometer, 1 Gyroscope Inclinometer, SAE J1939)

P/N: AX060911 (Triaxial Inclinometer, 3 Gyroscopes, CANopen)
Power:9…36 VDC
Measurement Range:±180° – Pitch & Roll
0…180° – Gravity

Outputs gravity angle, pitch, roll and yaw angular rates (the 1DG version – only roll angular rate) and accelerations in 3 orthogonal directions
Control logic:User Configurable with Electronic Assistant (EA), AX070502 (For AX060910 and AX062018 only)
Communications:AX060910, AX062018: SAE J1939
AX060911: CANopen
Electrical Connections: Two 5-pin M12 A-coded round connectors with CiA-303-1 pinout.
Enclosure:Anodized Aluminum
4.404 x 2.248 x 1.319 in
111.87 x 57.09 x 33.50 mm (L X W X H)
Protection Rating:IP67
Operating Conditions:-40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F)
PDF Datasheet: Click icon for PDF datasheet for AX060910.
Click icon for PDF datasheet for AX060911.

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