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AXRES-CO Series: Resolver Sensor Module

The resolver sensor module features a signal conditioning circuit with an integrated resolver element in a rugged housing. It is a robust alternative for an optical encoder. It can also be used as a resolver control module in cases where there is already a resolver element in the application but no control or interface electronics. A typical application is boom end positioning in cranes and drilling machines. OEM versions are available.


  • mobile equipment, vehicles, work machines, mining equipment, military equipment
  • factory automation, servo and robotic systems, electric motors, material handling machines
Technical Specifications:Resolver Sensor Module
Order Codes:AXRES-CO-V2-1X-H (360 degree, Closed Housing)
AXRES-CO-V2-1X-O (360 degree, Open Housing)
AXRES-CO-V2-3X-H (120 degree, Closed Housing)
AXRES-CO-V2-3X-O (120 degree, Open Housing)
AXRES-CO-1X-SL (360 degree, slim form factor)
Range:1X - 360° (single speed)
3X - 120° (triple speed)
Accuracy:+-0.067° (12,5 bits) for 1X
+-0.028° (13,5 bits) for 3X , no temperature sensitivity
Current Consumption:70 mA @ 24V
Communications:CAN (CANopen®) – Encoder Profile CiA 406 V3.1 and
DS301 V4.1 (communication profile)
Other CAN protocols are available on request.
Baud rates up to 115200 kbits/sec,
TTL level in AXRES-CO-V2TTL Level RS232
- Access via external connector (on request for
Connections:P/N: AXRES-CO-V2:
Two M12 5-pin connectors
Male (Power, Shield, CAN High, CAN Low)
Female (Power, Shield, CAN High, CAN Low)
(OEM specific connectors are available on request.)
Mounting brackets are provided.
• 1x M12 connector (5 -pin) male
Packaging:Aluminum enclosure including resolver, excluding
connectors and mounting brackets
70 x 86 mm or 2.75 x 3.38 inches (ØD x H)
• 32 x 151 mm or 0.125 x 0.59 inches (ØD x L)
Other form factors are available on request.
Protection Rating:IP65, closed type housings. IP00, open type housing
EMC Compliance:Fulfills the requirements of the industrial and mobile
environments. The product bears a CE mark.
PDF Datasheet: Click icon for PDF datasheet.

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