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AX030000, AX030002, AX030003, AX030010: Voltage (or Current) to PWM Signal Converter

Voltage Signal to PWM Signal Converters provide a compact solution for converting voltage into digital pulse width modulated (PWM) signal.


  • Mobile equipment
  • Industrial control panels

Signal Converters, Signal Conditioners

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Technical Specifications:PWM Converter (0-5V to PWM)
Order Codes:P/N: AX030000 (0-5V Input to 485 Hz PWM)
P/N: AX030002 (0-10V Input to PWM)
P/N: AX030002 (0-5V Input to 100 Hz PWM)
P/N: AX030010 (4-20mA Input to PWM)
Isolation:3 way isolation
Input Voltage:AX030000, AX030003: 0-5V
AX030002: 0-10V
AX030010: 4-20 mA
PWM Output:PWM Frequency default settings:
o Model AX030000: 0-5V input has 485 Hz +/- 10% output
o Model AX030003: 0-5V input has 100 Hz +/- 10% output
o Model AX030002: 0-10 V input has 475 Hz +/-10% output
o Model AX030010: 4-20 mA input has 550 Hz +/- 10% output

Duty Cycle default settings:
Model AX030000, AX030003 (0-5V input): 5-95% D.C. (Active High)
Model AX030002 (0-10 V input): 0-100% Duty Cycle (Active High)
Model AX030010 (4-20 mA input): 10-90% Duty Cycle (Active High)
Voltage Output:Low output voltage: 0.3VDC @ 5%
High output voltage: 0.7VDC @ 90%
Maximum output voltage: 30V or less (at 90%)
Response Time:<10 mSec.
Power Supply:12Vdc or 24Vdc nominal
Adjustments:Span and Offset (Zero)
Default settings are provided.
Protection:IP40 (housing), Terminals IP20
Enclosure:Polycarbonate JIT Components: DR12 housing, DIN rail mount
75 x 98.5 x 22.5 mm (W x H x D)
2.95 x 3.88 x 0.89 inches
Electrical Connection:#14-24 AWG screw terminals
Operating Conditions:-40 to 85 °C (-40 to 185 °F), 0-95% relative humidity
PDF Datasheet: Click icon for PDF datasheet.

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