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Surge Protectors, Arrestors

Axiomatic Surge Protectors provide protection against transient voltages and surges for all sensitive electronic equipment. They handle large current surges and voltage spikes without wear and tear to the circuitry of the protector due to the hybrid design features that reflect surge energy and clamp with MOV suppression. All modules are designed for DIN rail mounting, are IP20 rated. The AC and DC models include a LED indicator to ensure continued protection and avoid unnecessary replacement costs.

  • AC Line Voltage
  • Voltage Signal
  • DC Line Voltage
  • Current Loop
AC Line Voltage

P/N: TSP-WG6-18VAC-10A-01

18 VAC

P/N: TSP-WG6-24VAC-10A-01

24 VAC

P/N: TSP-WG6-48VAC-10A-01

48 VAC

P/N: TSP-WG6-120VAC-10A-01

120 VAC

P/N: TSP-WG6-240VAC-10A-01

240 VAC

Voltage Signal

P/N: TSP-WG6-10V-1A-02

+10V Signal Voltage, 2 Wire

P/N: TSP-WG6-130V-1A-02

+130V Signal Voltage, 2 Wire

P/N: TSP-WG6-10V-1A-04

+/-10V Signal Voltage, 2 Wire

DC Line Voltage

P/N: TSP-WG6-13.8VDC-10A-01

13.8 VDC

P/N: TSP-WG6-24VDC-10A-01

24 VDC

P/N: TSP-WG6-32VDC-10A-01

32 VDC

P/N: TSP-WG6-48VDC-10A-01

48 VDC

P/N: TSP-WG6-110VDC-10A-01

110 VDC

P/N: TSP-WG6-125VDC-10A-01

125 VDC

Current Loop

P/N: TSP-WG4-20mA-15V-01

4-20mA 15V Unipolar, 1 Wire

P/N: TSP-WG6-20mA-15V-02

4-20mA 15V Unipolar, 2 Wire

P/N: TSP-WG4-20mA-30V-01

4-20mA 30V Unipolar, 1 Wire

P/N: TSP-WG6-20mA-30V-02

4-20mA 30V Unipolar, 2 Wire

P/N: TSP-WG4-20mA-60V-01

4-20mA 60V Unipolar, 1 Wire

P/N: TSP-WG6-20mA-60V-02

4-20mA 60V Unipolar, 2 Wire

P/N: TSP-WG4-20mA-200V-01

4-20mA 200V Unipolar, 1 Wire

P/N: TSP-WG6-20mA-200V-02

4-20mA 200V Unipolar, 2 Wire

P/N: TSP-WG4-20mA-15V-03

4- 20mA 15V Bipolar, 1 Wire

P/N: TSP-WG6-20mA-15V-04

4- 20mA 15V Bipolar, 2 Wire

P/N: TSP-WG4-20mA-30V-03

4- 20mA 30V Bipolar, 1 Wire

P/N: TSP-WG6-20mA-30V-04

4- 20mA 30V Bipolar, 2 Wire

P/N: TSP-WG4-20mA-60V-03

4-20mA 60V Bipolar, 1 Wire

P/N: TSP-WG6-20mA-60V-04

4-20mA 60V Bipolar, 2 Wire

P/N: TSP-WG4-20mA-200V-03

4-20mA 200V Bipolar, 1 Wire

P/N: TSP-WG6-20mA-200V-04

4-20mA 200V Bipolar, 2 Wire

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