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General Compliance

Axiomatic products are sold as components to a variety of industries. Many of our products were originally designed for the harsh environments found on mobile equipment applications.

Refer to product datasheets for details.

Environmental requirements in the off-highway industry can include the following elements:

  • Reverse Polarity
  • Load Dump
  • Short-circuit Protection
  • EMC
  • ESD
  • Electrical Transients
  • Chemical Corrosion
  • Dust
  • Salt Spray
  • Wash
  • Water
  • Mechanical Shock and Vibration
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40 to 85 °C (-40 to 185 °F)

Axiomatic products are designed for use in non-hazardous environments unless otherwise specified.

EU (European Union) Directive Compliance

Axiomatic products also comply with the RoHS Directive effective for products built since August 7, 2007 commencing with s/n 21907001. For details on RoHS compliance, click here.

Some Axiomatic products carry a CE mark. Refer to the specific product datasheet for details of compliance to EU directives.

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