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Application Notes

Click on the link below to access an application note for a specific product or product family.

Application Note Number - Hydraulic ControlsDescriptionSupporting Documentation
AN100AN100 – Using Axiomatic Servo Controllers to Drive Danfoss Series 90 Pump Download
AN101Connecting an Axiomatic Controller to a Danfoss PVEHPVEAPVES and PVEU Valve v2 Download
Application Note Number - I/ODescriptionSupporting Documentation
AN201Connecting Axiomatic Strain
Gauge CAN Controllers to a Rosette Strain Gauge
AN202Valve Output: Difference Between PWM and Current Output Types Download
AN203Configuring Ethernet to CAN Converter Download
Application Note Number - PowerDescriptionSupporting Documentation
AN301Valve Driver: Pulse Width Modulations and Dither Download
Application Note Number - ConnectivityDescriptionSupporting Documentation
AN401How to Configure Two AX1411xx
Devices to Form a Bridge
AN402How to Configure AX1411xx CAN
Receive Filtering
AN403Electronic Assistant Installation
and Troubleshooting
AN404Axiomatic Proprietary SPP Message Format Download
AN405E-Write NFC Application for Axiomatic NFC Devices Download
AN406Reflashing Firmware Through Electronic Assistant Download
AN407Using Axiomatic Protocol Converter with Aurigo Steering Wheel F202 Download
AN408Configuring a GIM 140 with Protocol Converter Download
AN409Windows 10 with Bluetooth Download
AN410LSS Protocol with Axiomatic CANopen Products Download
AN411Flashing Setpoint Files Download
Application Note Number - Engine ControlsDescriptionSupporting Documentation
AN603Protocol Converter to Convert CANopen to J1939 Download

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