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Application Note NumberDescriptionFile
AN100Using Axiomatic Servo Controllers to Drive Danfoss Series 90 Pump Download
AN101Connecting an Axiomatic Controller to a Danfoss PVEH, PVEA, PVES, and PVEU Valve Download
AN102Valve Output: Difference Between PWM and Current Output Types Download
AN103Pulse Width Modulation and Dither Download
AN105Valve Controller Truth Tables Download


Application Note NumberDescriptionFile
AN201Connecting Axiomatic Strain Gauge CAN Controllers to a Rosette Strain Gauge Download
AN204Axiomatic Relay Download
AN205How to Calibrate Current Converters Download
AN207EBM‐PAPST Fans Use with VPWM Products Download


Application Note NumberDescriptionFile


Application Note NumberDescriptionFile
AN401How to Configure Two AX1411xx Devices to Form a Bridge Download
AN402How to Configure AX1411xx CAN Receive Filtering Download
AN405E-Write NFC Application for Axiomatic NFC Devices Download
AN407Using Axiomatic Protocol Converter with Aurigo Steering Wheel F202 Download
AN408Configuring a GIM 140 with Protocol Converter Download
AN413Configuring Ethernet to CAN Converter Download
AN414Protocol Converter to Convert CANopen® to J1939 Download

Engine Controls

Application Note NumberDescriptionFile

Machine Controls

Application Note NumberDescriptionFile
AN500J1939 Inclinometers Download

Configuration Tools

Application Note NumberDescriptionFile
AN700Electronic Assistant Installation and Troubleshooting Download
AN701Axiomatic Proprietary SPP Message Format Download
AN702Reflashing Firmware Through Electronic Assistant Download
AN703AX141100 and Windows 10 Brief Instruction Download
AN704LSS Protocol with Axiomatic CANopen® Products Download
AN705Flashing Setpoint Files Download
AN707Developing an Application Program CAN to Ethernet Converter Download
AN709Valve Controller Truth Tables Download
AN710How to Calibrate Current Converters Download
AN711Re-Flashing Firmware CANopen® Download
AN713CAN Message Time Clock Download
AN714TPDO and RPDO Writing a Message Download