Axiomatic is a leading manufacturer of engine control and temperature monitoring control solutions in the power generator industry. Our products are designed and developed by our design engineering teams in Canada and Finland.

Our manufacturing facility is located in Canada. Our products undergo stringent validation and quality controls so that they meet the desired industry standards. Our products are installed in traditional generator sets, oil and gas generator sets in hazardous locations as well as in propulsion and auxiliary engines for marine applications.

Control and Monitoring Solutions from Axiomatic

Internal combustion engines require reliable temperature monitoring systems.

Axiomatic offers durable and precise thermocouple scanners, Resistance Temperature Detector or RTD scanners, and control modules to monitor and control exhaust and bearing temperatures. In addition, we offer custom solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Some benefits of our extensive product line include:

  • Monitor, track, and warn about temperature status in an engine
  • Fast response to high temperature conditions
  • Extension of control systems with relay outputs and other I/O

Comprehensive Controllers and Monitoring Solutions from Axiomatic

Our scanner product line is developed with a variety of environmental and operating requirements in mind. Many of our products are rugged and carry IP67-rated protections against dust and water. We offer UL recognized components and marine type approval certificates for thermocouple and RTD scanners as well as IO controls.

Our engine control and temperature monitoring product lines are as follows:

RTD Scanners

We specialize in Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) scanners designed for harsh environments. Our RTD scanners are available in several configurations to measure different inputs. We offer an RTD PT100, or PT1000 interface. The controller may include inputs and outputs. The RTD scanner can deliver exhaust, bearing, winding, and fluid temperature information. The family of RTD scanners includes 8 and 12 channel models with each channel operating independently.

RTD Scanners

Thermocouple Modules

Thermocouple scanners deliver temperature data to the engine ECM over a fieldbus, such as SAE J1939, or CANopen®.

Our range of thermocouple modules feature isolated inputs. These can be configured to be compatible with different thermocouple types, such as J, K, T, or E.

Thermocouple Modules

Engine I/O Controllers

Our engine I/O controllers accept various signal inputs and outputs, and can connect to SAE J1939 CAN, or Modbus TCP/IP fieldbus.

Engine I/O Controllers

Applications of Our Engine Control and Temperature Monitoring System Solutions

Our solutions can be utilized in various industries, including but not limited to:

  • Conventional Internal Combustion Vehicles
  • Power Generation Systems
  • Marine Engines
  • Oil and Gas Equipment

Choose Axiomatic Technologies for High-Performance Devices

With our commitment to reliability, and durability, Axiomatic is your partner for advanced engine controls and temperature monitoring systems.

If you want to learn more about our products and how these could enhance your operations, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Request a quote, and we’ll get started on your projects immediately!