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Control and Power Conversion Product Overview

Axiomatic is the source for a full range of rugged, high performance control and power conversion products. From off-the-shelf automation and power electronic components to application-specific machine controls, Axiomatic solutions offer innovation and reliability for machine designers all over the world. Axiomatic’s broad range of standard control products can be optimized for customer applications.

Our sales team will be happy to quote an off-the-shelf product as well as provide timely after sales support. Contact our engineers for a competitive OEM design and application engineering support. The Axiomatic design and manufacturing facility is ISO 9001:2008 registered.

Analog I/O, Distributed Controls

Analog, Digital and PWM Signal I/O modules with CAN bus communications reduce field wiring costs while establishing an economical, manageable approach for system expansion and repair. These CAN devices are available with standard embedded software or can be modified for OEM specific applications.

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Battery Chargers

Axiomatic battery chargers provide rugged, reliable solutions for a variety of vehicle and automation applications. From multi-stage and efficient charging, distributed I/O functionality, CAN system integration, managed heat dissipation and inherent power factor correction, Axiomatic advanced electronics optimize efficient and safe operation.

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CAN bus Controls, Software

A Controller Area Network, CAN, is a network of independent controllers that communicate using a two-wire bus. All Axiomatic CAN controllers support the CAN 2.0B physical layer. There are several high-level communication standards for CAN buses, and Axiomatic’s design engineers are experts in both SAE J1939 and CiA CANopen® protocols. All our CAN products can be ordered with either protocol, and other protocols can be supported on request.

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DC/DC Converters, Power Supplies

DC-DC converters can provide stable DC supply when installed on battery-powered vehicles or generator sets. Battery taps can be avoided and sensitive equipment is protected.

Step up and step down power converters, power electronic devices.

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Displays, Operator Interfaces

An Axiomatic operator interface module provides engine monitoring, transmission monitoring or implements control in a machine’s CAN network. An Axiomatic display combined with Axiomatic inclinometers, valve drivers or signal level I/O modules can represent an OEM application platform for a vehicle control system solution. All display modules are designed for harsh operating environments.

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Engine Management Controls, Temperature Monitoring

Axiomatic engine control components provide rugged, reliable solutions for a variety of engine control automation applications. From engine temperature monitoring over CAN bus, interfacing with an engine control unit (ECU) to drive auxiliary functions such as hydraulic valves and expanding control system capability with on-board I/O, Axiomatic advanced electronics optimize efficient and safe engine operation. Our controls are field-proven and use robust circuits and rugged packaging for use in harsh environments.

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Fan Drive Controls

A Fan Controller is designed for the electronic control of hydraulic fan drive systems. Variable control of the rotational speed of a fan-drive motor provides maximum efficiency and noise control for operation of the engine cooling fan system.

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Hydraulic Valve Drivers, Electronic Controllers

Axiomatic offers many advanced electronic control components to drive hydraulic valves used on mobile equipment and industrial fluid power automation systems worldwide. With nearly 25 years of experience, our well-tested hardware and user-friendly software supplies flexibility to simple or complex electronic and motion control systems. Our analog valve drivers, microprocessor-based solenoid controllers and CAN bus control modules present a wide choice of functions and precise, reliable control to the end user.

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LVDT/RVDT Simulators

An LVDT Simulator is used to test LVDT or RVDT sensors. Using a 0-10VDC command signal input and an excitation (drive input), the unit provides two simulation outputs of 1-5VAC. An internal 3kHz oscillator can be utilized as an alternative excitation source. Both outputs are fully isolated. The unit accepts power supply input from 4 to 32VDC. When the input voltage increases from 0-10VDC, the output voltage A increases from 1 to 5VAC and the output voltage B decreases from 5 to 1VAC. Factory settings for the offset (minimum) and span (maximum) are user adjustable. A LED indicates power is OK. The unit is conformal coated and available in a DIN rail mount housing.

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Machine Controls, Control Systems

Axiomatic designs many robust machine control components and provides an OEM design service for complete control systems. Axiomatic offers off-the-shelf or application-specific displays, engine management controls, distributed I/O, sensor controls, signal converters and valve drivers for your machine application.

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Motor Drives, Motor Controllers

Axiomatic rugged variable speed DC, BLDC and stepper motor drives offer better control over machine performance. The energy efficient motor drives are available in several models and all provide flexible, accurate motor drive while permitting CAN system integration. These drives are designed for harsh environments with rugged packaging and performance.

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Protocol Converters

Axiomatic Protocol Converters and CAN Gateways provide end users and OEM’s, a solution for integrating their legacy or standard systems.

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View Models with Simulink®.

SAE J1939 Controls

CAN based controls and signal converters can be utilized for diesel engine control system retrofits and upgrades.

View some SAE J1939 Controls.

Sensors, Inclinometers, Level Sensors

An inclinometer measures the angles of slope, elevation or inclination of an item with respect to gravity. For precise rotational angle measurement, a resolver element integrated with Axiomatic advanced electronics can measure rotational angle and speed.

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Signal Converters, Signal Conditioners

Our wide variety of industry standard data signal conversion modules provide complete, cost-effective solutions for interfacing, conditioning and distributing critical analog signals. Axiomatic signal converters typically accept an external universal power of 12V or 24V and provide input-to-output isolation. Signal isolation protects measurement and control signals as well as sensitive controls from the effects of noise, power surges and other hazards present in industrial data acquisition and battery-powered machine environments. The modules are designed to mount on a DIN rail.

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Solar Chargers, Solar Pump Control, Solar Tracker Controllers, Monitors

Axiomatic designs and manufacturers controllers in Ontario, Canada for solar power applications worldwide. Our BLDC Motor Controller turns on and off the solar tracker’s actuator motor and the inclinometer measures the angle for monitoring/testing purposes. An Axiomatic Solar Charge/Pump Controller interfaced with a solar cell can charge a 12V battery during the daytime and drive a 12VDC pump or motor for various purposes. This is ideal for remote applications. Our products are designed for harsh and IP65 or IP67 rated environments.

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Strain Gauge CAN bus Controller

The 4 Channel Strain Gauge CAN controller accepts up to four 4-wire strain gauge connections. The input range is user selectable from +/- 19.5 mV to +/- 2.5 Vdc. It interfaces with the machine’s CAN network (SAE J1939). The measurement rate is 2.5 scans per second and the update rate is 400 ms for all 4 channels. Standard embedded software is provided. Rugged IP67 rated packaging and a power supply input of 12Vdc or 24Vdc nominal suits applications in the harsh environment of mobile equipment with on-board battery power. All setpoints are user configurable using the Electronic Assistant®.

View the Technical Datasheet.

Surge Protectors, Arrestors

Axiomatic Surge Protectors provide protection against transient voltages and surges for all sensitive electronic equipment. They handle large current surges and voltage spikes without wear and tear to the circuitry of the protector due to the hybrid design features that reflect surge energy and clamp with MOV suppression. All modules are designed for DIN rail mounting, are IP20 rated. The AC and DC models include a LED indicator to ensure continued protection and avoid unnecessary replacement costs.

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Product Innovation

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