Axiomatic’s family of SAE J1939 and CANopen® controls help the machine designer meet emission requirements and improve productivity. Contact Axiomatic for an application-based control solution!

In addition to our wide range of I/O and hydraulic valve drivers with new functionality, Axiomatic can now offer control options for actuating DC motors, BLDC motors, powering lighting and auxiliary devices as well as battery charging.

Missing an I/O?

Expand your CAN control system with the CAN-1 Valve Driver.


Want to add legacy controls to the CAN bus?

Use the CAN – 1 Analog Signal AX030520.

Wish to integrate valves with on-onboard electronics but no CAN?

Interface to the CAN network and command electrohydraulic valves with the CAN-1 Analog Signal AX030520.

Need to read analog sensors?

Connect the 1 Analog Signal – CAN AX030530.

Need to charge batteries and communicate charge status over CAN bus?

Utilize the SAE J1939 Battery Charger – AX090300.

Axiomatic’s cost effective hydraulic valve controllers and fan controllers are well suited for a variety of applications such as road construction and agricultural equipment. They are built with rugged environmental and mechanical features to suit such harsh environments. The sophisticated processing capabilities of our standard platforms along with Axiomatic’s application engineering services for custom applications offer a wide choice of solutions to the machine designer needing to add auxiliary functions. Models include CAN bus – valve driver outputs as well as multiple switch and analog inputs to multiple valve driver outputs. All controls are available in SAE J1939 or CANopen® models. Utilize the AX020XXX family of valve controllers and interface with the AX030XXX family of CAN/Analog I/O modules to create your networked solution.

Axiomatic displays can capture data on the CAN network and provide feedback on critical machine operating and diagnostic parameters. Key to our SAE J1939 controllers is the Axiomatic Electronic Assistant programming tool, P/N AX070502, for initial setup and service of Axiomatic controls. Users can map inputs and outputs, enter and save setpoints for simple user friendly customization as well as see graphical data and monitor CAN messages during service.

To power sensitive controls from a battery-based system, Axiomatic also offers a full range of DC-DC converters.

Axiomatic continues to expand our product line and capabilities to solve customer needs.

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Note: CANopen® is a registered community trade mark of CAN in Automation e.V.

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