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User Documentation Downloads

Technical Datasheets

Information about products without embedded firmware is only found in a technical datasheet.

To download a PDF format of the technical datasheet, go to the part-index page on the website and click on the appropriate part number.

User Manuals, EDS Files, Product Drawings

Information to use and install all Axiomatic products with embedded firmware is found in a user manual.

To access a PDF format of a user manual, go to Log In on the Axiomatic website.

Contact for the password.

Technical questions can be sent to and/or

Electronic Assistant, AX070502, AX070505K

The Electronic Assistant and all user-interface software are located under the Log In tab. Contact for the password.

HS Codes, Country of Origin, Schedule B, ECCN

HS Codes, Schedule B, ECCN and Country of Origin information is located here and under Log In tab. Contact for the password.

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