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CAN bus Controls, Software

A Controller Area Network, CAN, is a network of independent controllers that communicate using a two-wire bus. All Axiomatic CAN controllers support the CAN 2.0B physical layer. There are several high-level communication standards for CAN buses, and Axiomatic’s design engineers are experts in both SAE J1939 and CiA CANopen® protocols. All our CAN products can be ordered with either protocol, and other protocols can be supported on request.

Axiomatic offers a diverse lineup of CAN bus module platforms that can be customized for OEM applications. We also offer off-the-shelf products with software that covers a range of ‘standard’ applications for each hardware platform. The embedded software can also be quickly modified to meet OEM requirements on request. Our CAN devices are field-proven and use robust circuits and rugged packaging for use in harsh environments.

Axiomatic now programs with Simulink®!

User Configuration For Axiomatic SAE J1939 Controls

The Electronic Assistant® is a software configuration tool that runs on the Windows operating system and is connected to a J1939 bus via an USB to CAN converter. Upon being connected to the bus, the EA will find all Electronic Control Units (ECU) on the bus and recognize those manufactured by Axiomatic. Using this tool, a user can quickly configure an Axiomatic ECU for the desired performance over a wide variety of applications.

  • Flexible configuration for Axiomatic SAE J1939 controllers
  • Monitor CAN data with the EA Scope
  • Diagnose with EA Visual
  • Includes USB-CAN converter

CAN Control Applications

  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Construction Equipment
  • Electric Lift Trucks
  • First Response Vehicles
  • Golf Carts
  • Lift Equipment
  • Marine
  • Material Handling
  • Military
  • On/Off Road Electric Vehicles
  • Power Generation
  • Rail
  • Robotics
  • Sweepers, Scrubbers, Floor Machines
  • Utility Vehicles

Axiomatic has a full line of user configurable valve drivers and I/O modules, all designed to move projects from concept to prototype to production at record speed.

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