Axiomatic fosters the advance of connectivity in machines with the CAN/Ethernet Converter.

February 9, 2016

The CAN/Ethernet converter, AX140900, is a bridge to the cloud. CAN networked devices on the machine can interface with an Ethernet networked device with internet connectivity via the Axiomatic converter. Alternatively, an Axiomatic CAN-WiFi or CAN-Bluetooth converter can link the machine control system to the cloud. Applications: Off-highway vehicles On-highway vehicles Oilfield services equipment Agricultural […]

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The new 10 Universal Signal Inputs to CAN Controller adds flexibility to our line of rugged I /O controllers

December 12, 2013

Features: 10 universal signal inputs, A wide range of user selectable signal options (0-5 V, 0-10 V, 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA, PWM, Frequency, Counter, Digital), 12V, 24Vdc (nominal) power input, 1 CAN port (SAE J1939 or CANopen®), Rugged packaging and connectors (TE Deutsch), Standard control logic, CE mark, EMC Compliant, RoHS/REACH Compliant, MTBF reliability data […]

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Axiomatic introduces a line of rugged protocol converters to interface between CANbased diesel engine networks or automotive LIN networks.

October 15, 2013

Features: Up to 2 Isolated CAN ports (SAEJ1939, CANopen®) 1 Isolated SAE J1587 (SAE J1708) port Interface with LIN networks in automotive systems Convert SAE J2497 messages over Power Line Communications (a bidirectional, serial communications link over the vehicle power supply line) 12V, 24VDC nominal input power Compact, IP67 packaging, Integrated TE Deutsch connector CE […]

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Axiomatic introduces a programmable Dual Plug-In 2.5A Valve Driver with SAE J1939

June 15, 2013

Features, Model AX022310: Configurable for 1 or 2 outputs to drive hydraulic valves (proportional 0-2.5A or on/off 2.5A) Superimposed dither Independent ramps (0-5 seconds) Fully protected outputs 12V, 24VDC nominal input power 1 CAN port (SAEJ1939) for integration into the machine’s CAN bus network Rugged IP67 packaging Integrated connectors to minimize wiring and reduce installation […]

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Marine type approvals ensure environmental and electrical ruggedness

January 7, 2013

The Axiomatic Discrete I/O Module, Thermocouple Scanner and RTD Scanner meet the environmental, EMC and vibration requirements of generator set applications in marine installations. They have type approvals from several marine societies (LR, DNV, ABS, BV, RINA, etc.). The controls feature rugged packaging and watertight Deutsch IPD connectors for an IP56 rating. The module is […]

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The Axiomatic 72W, 24V/24V DC converter stabilizes power for sensitive electronic devices in a battery powered control system.

December 6, 2012

Axiomatic releases a 72W 24V/24V DC power converter as part of our power control family. The AX081100 DC-DC Converter provides stable 24Vdc power to instrumentation and control devices regardless of battery condition. Electronic devices downstream are isolated from the battery and thereby protected against fluctuating input voltage which can affect their performance and reliability. For […]

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A new Protocol Converter is released by Axiomatic

October 31, 2012

The AX140100 CAN gateway includes the following features: Acts as a gateway or interface between CAN buses with different baud rates and protocols (SAE J1939-SAE J1939 or SAE J1939-CANopen®) Fast data exchange between a CAN network (SAE J1939 or CANopen®) and a RS-485 bus (SAE J1587 or Modbus RTU) 2 Isolated CAN ports (CAN 2.0B) […]

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Axiomatic Technologies Corporation releases a rugged Stepper Motor Driver

July 16, 2012

Axiomatic Technologies Corporation is releasing a stepper motor controller suited for the harsh environments found in off-highway and on-road vehicle applications. The Stepper Motor Driver can be integrated into a motor drive system for precise control of fuel injection. AXIOMATIC P/N: AX100700 A flexible design allows Axiomatic to customize the control algorithms to suit specific […]

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Axiomatic Technologies Corporation and the G.W. Lisk Company have collaborated to release a new controller with high temperature capability

June 8, 2012

High Temperature CAN Controlled Valve Driver with Position Feedback (SAE J1939) Axiomatic Technologies Corporation and the G.W. Lisk Company have collaborated to release a new controller with high temperature capability for under hood installation in the transportation industry. AXIOMATIC P/N: GWL171100 G.W. LISK P/N: VY2-2837 The CAN Controlled Valve Driver with Position Feedback, or the […]

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Axiomatic announces the appointment of their new Australian representative

April 2, 2012

Axiomatic announces the appointment of their new Australian representative, Macquarrie Corporation Pty. based out of Campbellfield, Victoria. Macquarrie Corporation has been operating for over 60 years and has grown from a company that specialized in diesel engine reconditioning to one which now offers a multitude of products to a wide range of markets. Macquarrie Corporation […]

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