CANopen® – from Axiomatic,
P/N: AX022001

Axiomatic’s family of rugged valve drivers and I/O modules welcomes the new CANopen® Dual Valve Controller for extending machine control networks.

AX022001 DUAL HYDRAULIC VALVE CONTROL interfaces with a universal input signal and CAN bus to drive 2 valves: proportional or hotshot digital current (0-3A); or proportional V or PWM; or on/off. The universal input reads a command signal: voltage; current; resistive; frequency; or digital. A +5V reference sources up to 10mA for a potentiometer or low-power transducer. Built-in protection features are enabled for safety critical systems. Users program custom functionality with the Axiomatic Electronic Assistant® software for J1939 models or via an .EDS file with standard service tools for CANopen® Object Dictionary. An IP67 rating ensures rugged performance.

Machine Control – An integral part of a hydraulic control subsystem for construction equipment (excavators).

Axiomatic provides electronic machine controls, components and systems to the off-highway, military, power generation, material handling, industrial and alternate energy OEM markets. We provide efficient, innovative solutions that focus on adding value for our customers. We emphasize service and partnership with our customers, suppliers, and employees to build long term relationships and mutual trust.

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