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AX180800: 20 TC, 2 RTD, 4 Signal Inputs, 6 Relay Outputs Controller, 2 SAE J1939, Modbus TCP/IP

The Temperature Scanner monitors up to 20 thermocouples and 2 RTD’s to provide the temperature information to the engine control system over SAE J1939 CAN bus. The channels are independently configurable as
Type J, K, B, E, N, R, S or T thermocouples. Temperature information can include exhaust temperature, winding temperature, and fluid temperature monitoring. All 20 channels of temperature data are automatically sent over
the CAN bus when power is applied with no additional programming or configuration required. There are 4 universal signal command inputs. The control sets 6 Form C relay outputs. Integral diagnostics determine thermocouple integrity. All inputs are fully isolated from the CAN lines, and from the power supply. The two CAN channels are fully isolated from one another in the hardware which allows for different CAN networks to be connected. In the software, each will also act independently where incoming or outgoing messages can be configured to receive or send on a specific CAN channel. Modbus TCP/IP communications are also available. The scanner is enclosed in a rugged IP67 rated enclosure with an 86 pin TE Deutsch connector.


  • Control Systems for Industrial and Marine Power Generator Sets (Stationary or Portable)
Technical Specifications:20 TC, 2 RTD, 4 Signal Inputs, 6 Relay Outputs Controller, 2 SAE J1939, Modbus TCP/IP
Order Code:P/N: AX180800 (20 TC, 2 RTD, 4 Signal Inputs, 6 Relay Outputs Controller, 2CAN, SAE J1939, Ethernet)

P/N: AX070502 (Electronic Assistant Service Tool)
P/N: AX070164 (Mating Plug Kit comprised of TE Deutsch DRCP28-86SA. 80 0462-203-12141 Solid Sockets, 6 0462-005-20141 Solid Sockets)
Power Supply Input:9...60 VDC power supply range (12V or 24 VDC nominal)
Protections:Reverse polarity protection is provided
Power supply input section protects against transient surges and short circuits
Open circuit detection
Over or under temperature detection
High temperature shutdown detection
Isolation:Digital isolation is 400VDC from input to ground
Three-way isolation is provided for the CAN line, inputs and power supply
Thermocouple Inputs:Reads 20 TC inputs
Configurable as Type J, K, B, E, N, R, S, T
RTD Inputs:2 RTD with range of 20 - 400 Ohms
Signal Inputs:4 Universal Signal Inputs to configurable as voltage, current. frequency, PWM, or digital
Relay Outputs:6 Form C
CAN:2 SAE J1939
Ethernet:1 Modbus TCP/IP
Enclosure:Rugged aluminum housing, anodized, gasket
Connector: 86-pin TE Deutsch DRCP25-86PAA-G005
Protection Rating:IP67
Operating Conditions:-40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F)
PDF Datasheet: Click icon for PDF datasheet.

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