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Protocol Converters, Bluetooth, Ethernet Connectivity

Axiomatic Protocol Converters, Routers and CAN Gateways provide end users and OEM’s, a solution for integrating their legacy or standard systems.Axiomatic products support one to one conversions of TTL, RS-232, RS-485, 2 CAN bus networks, Ethernet and proprietary protocols on request.

Protocol Converter, 2 CAN, 1 RS485

P/N: AX140100 or AX140200 or AX140400

CAN Repeater (250K SAE J1939) P/N: AX140100-03

• Acts as a gateway or interface between CAN buses with different baud rates and protocols (Model AX140100 is SAE J1939-SAE J1939 and Modbus RTU) OR (Model AX140200 is CANopen® – SAE J1939 and Modbus RTU)
• Fast data exchange between a CAN network and a RS-485 bus (Modbus RTU or SAE J1587)
• 2 Isolated CAN ports (CAN 2.0B)
• 1 Isolated RS-485 serial port
• Operational from 9 to 36VDC (12V, 24V nominal)
• Integrated Deutsch IPD 12-pin connector
• Fully sealed enclosure with a rugged protection rating
• Compact size
• CE mark
• Developed with Simulink®


P/N: AX140900

• 1 CAN port (2.0A and B protocol)
• 1 Ethernet port (10/100 Mbps) for multiple Ethernet devices on a machine
• Supports Ethernet IEEE 802.3, IP, ICMP, ARP, UDP, TCP, HTTP, Proprietary protocols
• Power, Link and Speed LED Indicators
• 1 Power output (Vps) to power an external device over the Ethernet cable
• Operational with 12V or 24V nominal
• Rugged packaging for vehicle applications
• Two M-12 connectors

CAN/Bluetooth Converter (SAE J1939)

P/N: AX141100

CAN bus and Bluetooth Converters

CAN to Bluetooth Converters

CAN/Bluetooth Converter (SAE J1939)

P/N: AX141150

Converter, Power Line Communications/CAN (SAE J1939)

P/N: AX140510

LIN to CAN Converter (SAE J1939)

P/N: AX140600-03

LIN to CAN Converter (CANopen)

P/N: AX140603

6 Port Ethernet Switch, SAE J1939

P/N: AX140700

CAN to WiFi

CAN to WiFi

CAN to WiFi Converter

P/N: AX141200

Automotive Ethernet Converter

P/N: AX141500-S (Slave) or AX141500-M (Master)

CAN Router/Isolator with Ethernet Connection

P/N: AX141600

Modbus RTU <-> Modbus TCP/IP <-> J1939 CAN Protocol Converter, Modbus Router

P/N: AX141810, AX141830

Ethernet / RS-422 / 2 RS-232 / SAE J1939 CAN Protocol Converter

P/N: AX142100

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